The business was founded in 1960 by Alfred Sammut, who was a determined, ambitious & hard-working young man living in Malta. Back then he started out with a bicycle for transport and a rucksack full of tools. The business kicked-off with electrical & plumbing installations. His clientele quickly grew allowing him to expand his business and by the 1970’s he had 20+ employees in his workforce. Projects varied from domestic to commercial & industrial installations.

In the early 1980’s Alfred took a brave leap of faith and immigrated to Canada. There the name Redsam was introduced. Alfred cleverly came up with the name using segments of his own name. With Canada having a completely different climate and construction regulations, Alfred had to hit the books once again to acquire the necessary licencing and permits to become certified with the local authorities.

In 1991 Alfred returned to Malta. He had gained some invaluable experiences, but his family missed their relatives and the beautiful sunny island of Malta. Redsam quickly re-flourished in Malta, many old clients got back in touch as soon as they heard of his return to Malta.

Later in 1996, his youngest son joined the team as an apprentice and grew with the business. In 2005, Alfred retired and the business changed hands to the next generation…

Present day, Alfred is no longer with us but his legacy lives on. The business has adapted to the market demands and along with the wide range of turnkey solutions offered to clients, Redsam Turnkey Projects services now vary from installations, project management, building administration to sourcing and procurements.